Welcome to Food World

Food World is an initiative from the owners to bring groceries of impeccable quality to the residents of Germantown, Maryland, USA. We are a one-stop-shop for all the groceries that are essential for the household and even have a few specialties around the festive season for our customers. We have improved our internal workings mechanisms and retrained the staff after the pandemic, and are fully equipped to facilitate an easy and germfree shopping experience.

We stock groceries that are essential to the Indian/Asian communities and try to bring the taste of their homeland a little closer. We also request the indigenous people of Maryland who are curious about the Indian cuisine to visit our website or store as per your liking. You will most likely find what you are looking for and at the best possible price that in no way undermines the quality of the products. We are eager to build a bond with our customers that visit our store and go home with a smile on their face and not a burning hole in the pocket.

We try to provide the best ambiance and hospitality when you visit the store. All our employees have the ability to communicate in native American as well as Hindi language and have complete knowledge about the groceries, their stocking shelves, expiration dates. We daily brief our staff to be as polite and precise as possible so that grocery shopping doesn't feel like a burden but more of a walk in the park. Amid the pandemic, we noticed some inherent flaws in our operating mechanisms and have improved them to fit and comply with the new safety standards.

Food World houses all the groceries that you would find in a traditional Indian market with great attention to variety in order to satisfy diverse palate groups. You will find the products from popular Indian brands such as Amul, Haldiram, Ghasitaram, Vadilal, Nestle, Chings, Maggi, and many more of them. We also try to take customer input on the groceries that they would like to have in the store and work tirelessly to make that available for them. We have a well-maintained store as well as a website in place to facilitate orders of both types. We provide curbside pickup and delivery to zip codes that are in close proximity with us and are working towards increasing our range.

We value each and every customer as the same and there is no prioritization whatsoever. We have an active helpline that is open to assist you in the best possible way with any discrepancy with your order and just require your order number to verify what went wrong. Experience seamless transactions and fast checkouts with our payment gateway and swipe machines. We accept payment from most of the cards and guarantee a hundred percent security from our end while conducting a transaction. We also have an online chat support system in place that will help you in case our numbers are busy, which they seldom are. We hope a happy shopping experience for you.

Curbside Pickup & $10 Delivery

Is Available On Some Zip Codes

Helpline 7 days a week

301-540-6240 (Please call us with your order number) 

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All payments accepted 100% secure payments

Chat support

We offer 7 days a week chat support online